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One more day

Posted Feb 07 2013 4:11pm

All these photos are from yesterday, our last day in isolation.

We spent a good portion of the day drawing “Nathan pictures” on the thank you cards.

I wrote each person’s name on the envelope and then showed Nathan a photo of the person so he could know who he was drawing for. That makes a big difference you know.



To be honest, I was trying to make the most of it and at least pretend we were having fun because mama was losing her mind.

I was extremely overtired as well considering my 8:30 bedtime has been failing me, with a 1 am eyes wide open wake up time. No bueno.




After his final feed, I drove home, picked up his “feeding car seat” still attached to my dad’s old waiting room chair, grabbed our hand blender and drove to my in laws for dinner.

I prepared him mashed cucumber, applesauce, and puréed meatloaf. Jay fed him and Nathan ate it all very well until the last bite of meatloaf which he gagged and vomited. The doctor said it was likely related to him holding his bowels, causing a buildup of pressure…enter more miralax.

Drinking it like a man, from a cup with Wii remote in hand. He is currently up to an entire cap of miralax a day in addition to two teaspoons of mineral oil. Still holding his BM’s like a champ, stubborn boy.


And in an attempt to sleep all night, I tried to do some easy cardio before bed – like I said on Instagram – easy, meaning blue jeans, normal bra, and not enough sweat to require a pre bedtime shower.


I still woke up in the middle of the night but It didn’t take me 2 hours to fall back asleep.

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