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My little helpers

Posted Mar 28 2013 2:00pm

Teagan always loved helping me clean.  I have many photos and videos of her wiping her high chair tray and other surfaces with wipes since she was around a year old.  Now, whenever she sees me scrubbing, she wants to scrub too.  She doesn’t do a terrible job either.  When I give her a vacuum she targets the dust bunnies, when I give her a wipe she targets the dirt spots.  I might as well enjoy the help so I let her scrub (soak the kitchen floor with slightly soapy water).

*****Don’t mind the filthy stainless steel, I hate stainless steel appliances for this very reason.

Nathan usually prefers to watch me clean or prevent me from cleaning so I was thrilled when he wanted to help.  I will never turn down any offer to help, especially from these two kids.


They mostly just wet surfaces but they were not in my way, they were not making another area dirty, and I could just follow their wet paths with a dry rag.  And although the floor was never squeaky clean, there was a vast improvement and they had fun helping.  And since anything involving water usually ends like this, I leave you photos of Teagan trying to swim, in a corningware dish.

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