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Posted Aug 25 2008 6:32pm
We found out today that MRSA (you can pronounce it as "mersa" if you want to) has been discovered on Gwyneth 's nose. They are very sure that she is not infected, but that it is simply on her body. MRSA is one of the hospital bugs that floats around...often known as "staph".

This is nothing to panic about's very common among hospital patients, even in the NICU, and as long as Gwyneth's not infected, it shouldn't be an issue...neither Tricia or I are concerned at this point, although we are praying that it will not infect her little body.

There are a thousand ways she could have been given this bug. She has been moved to contact isolation again for at least a few days, which just means that she is in a different room and we have to wear a gown and gloves like we do with Tricia. She's also being given some antibiotics that should deal with it just in case she is/does get infected.

Please, pray with us that she'll be cleared of any infection when they retest her next Monday.

Here's my new favorite picture of all time:

Tricia had another good day. She seems to me to be getting a little stronger every day, and her emotions and attitude has been beyond anything I would have to offer if our roles were reversed. The bug in her blood turns out to be something rather minor (compared to something like MRSA), and should be gone in a few days with some new meds.

I haven't heard anything more about the NICU families that I asked prayer for Here .

A little Q&A :

> Gwyneth has received several blood transfusions , as most micro-preemies do. She gives a lot of blood for labs and tests, and even just a few drops for her can cause Anemia , so the transfusions are very necessary.

> I don't have anywhere near enough time to screen comments on this blog. That's a whole extra step in the process, and I'd rather deal with a few idiot posts every now and then to keep my life simple and this blog fun and interactive.

FYI , and I say this with a smile...if you've received a forward with a pug-licking screen-saver that you know I'll love, heard a George Strait song on the radio that you know was written for us, read a story about some little girl who was held by God that you know I need to read, etc., I can promise you that I've received at least a hundred emails and read twice as many comments that have already notified me of all of these things and more. Thanks! (it'll be fun to see who doesn't read this post and tells me about one of those things yet again...). :)

Thank you.


PS. By my guesstimation, we should reach 1 Million hits (written with my best Dr. Evil impression) right on Valentine's Day, which would be pretty cool, especially if you imagine that 1 million people (or about 20,000 people several times) love Tricia and Gwyneth. If I had half a penny for every hit, I'd have half a million pennies...which would be pretty useless because you can't buy anything with half a penny. Speaking of which...did you know that it now costs us about 5c to mint one new penny...that's kind dumb.
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