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MRSA vs. Pseudomonas Aeroginosa

Posted by roxxe1

If you have both MRSA and Pseudomonas which one is worse?  Is it true that MRSA actually helps keep the pseudomonas at bay and treating of the MRSA could cause a flare up of the pseudomonas?  Aren't there more pseudomonas related deaths with CF than MRSA?
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To my knowledge, (30 w/ CF), it all depends on which one is colonized (living and growing) stronger and for longer time.  Generally, people contract Pseudomonas earlier in life as it is a naturally occurring bacteria all around us, that just loves our CF environment in the lungs. MRSA seems scary when diagnosed, but don't believe it if they tell you that you can't eraticate it. You can. I got a culture back with it ONCE and never since. That was 2 years ago, and I've had many many cultures since.  In general, Pseduomonas is the worse bacteria for CF because it is more suited to the sodium, wet environment of the CF lungs. That being said, if a MRSA infection goes untreated, it can more easily get "out of hand," so you / your child should get regular cultures.

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MRSA is a terrible bacteria for those with CF. It was the first and only one my son is colonized with (he got it during his first hospital stay at 4 months old). They did IV vanco immediately to try to get rid of it, but it colonized. That was 7 yrs ago and it has been a long hard battle.

Some lucky people with CF will be able to live colonized with MRSA and not see symptoms, but that is not the case for my son or many others. The MRSA got to his lungs before any other bacteria and it completely took over. Later on he cultured pseudomonas ONCE when he was 2, but the pseudo went away after just one treatment. Really, with the MRSA colonized in his lungs for that many years, I doubt there was room in his lungs for the pseudomonas to really move in and grow.

As of now, we are on the LAST oral antibiotic left that the MRSA is sensitive to, which means ALL we'll have left next is IVs antibiotics... with as often as he needs antibiotics he would be on IVs more than not. Not a great outlook. I'm hoping someone will work on new oral antibiotics (or inhaled) to treat MRSA. We need it, but so far all I see in the CF drug pipeline are more treatments for pseudo...

If you're one of the lucky ones who's MRSA doesn't affect you that's great. Perhaps MRSA doesn't bother you because other bacteria took over your lungs before you were exposed to MRSA, so the MRSA doesn't ever really get the chance to thrive well, whatever the reason you may not have issues with it, believe me - MRSA is a BIG DEAL for those who have been colonized with it first and are now watching it become resistant to all drugs. My son is 7 and has already lost 25% of his lung function. :( Trust me, MRSA sucks.

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