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Memoirs of a Tonsillectomy (from CF Husband's Wife)

Posted Sep 14 2009 10:02pm
Nathan is out of his surgery and into recovery. He did very well. Other than having lots of post pain and a swollen tongue, he continues to do great! I think he took before and will be taking after pictures... but I am having a hard enough time just posting this note. I am very proud of my husband, who went through a surgery which is known to be, "more painful than back surgery" from what a nurse told me. The post recovery comes with some risks though, as this is a vascular procedure along with lots of pain. Please continue to pray for Nathan in the next few days. Thanks to a good friend, Larry, Nathan will be receiving a slushy machine when we get home!!

I went to go visit some of my favorite people here in the hospital. I was able to see some nurses, physical therapists, and one of my favorite Dr.'s --- Dr. Kussin. He joked with me and told me to begin a blog for Nate called, "Memoirs of a Tonsillectomy." I am not sure if Nathan laughed at that joke. He also sincerely said to call him if we need anything. My c.f. social worker also came by for a visit and so did Nathan's dad.

Thank You Doctor Scher for fixing both my new and improved voice and Nathan's tonsils! Your our favorite E.N.T!

We both miss our baby girl very much but know she is in very good hands tonight as she spends time with my mom and brother, Frank. Since I am in the shout out mode: Hi dad in Ohio... and my family in NJ, PA, and FL! Ok, this may get crazy, so I'll stop.

Thank you to everyone else who was praying for the love of my life. He and I really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.

Much Love,

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