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Masterpiece(s) in the making

Posted Oct 28 2010 11:48am
What's a boy to do when he's come down with a cold and his mama won't let him play with (and infect) his best buddy?

We had been planning all week to meet our friends at a super cool indoor play place and arcade today but, knowing that Nathan is coughing up all sorts of crap, I decided to quarantine him. I couldn't be a hypocrite since one of my biggest pet peeves is when parents bring their children out or send them to school knowing that they are ill and contagious.

So back to my original question, what's a boy to do... Paint pumpkins, in his diaper, of course!

painting pumpkins-3

I set Nathan up to create his masterpiece and with one single stroke of a foam paintbrush he made it known that he would be creating more than one masterpiece. Nathan quickly laid claim to every single pumpkin on the table.

painting pumpkins

Extremely focused, he smeared paint all over his pumpkins. So what colors did my little van Gogh select? And how did his masterpieces turn out? I guess we will have to wait until the pumpkins dry to see!

painting pumpkins-2
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