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Life Just Got Complicated

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:37pm might be thinking that our life was already complicated. Well, not to least not until now...

Tricia's lymphoma in her lungs did not respond well to the meds over the past five weeks. In fact, some of the growths are bigger, and there are a few new growths. Only two of the growths are smaller, and none have gone away. That alone was pretty disappointing.

Next, they've decided to keep Tricia overnight until they can come up with a new game plan. Another disappointment (Gwyneth and I will be partying at the hotel by ourselves tonight).

This evening, we met with the oncologist (cancer doctor), who explained that the next step is R plus CHOP. I've been explaining to you that the chemo Tricia had been receiving was not the heavy duty stuff...CHOP is. CHOP is the stuff that you hear about that comes with a lot of potential side affects...nausea, severe headaches, risk of leukemia, hair loss, etc.

Tricia will receive her first treatment tomorrow. If all goes well, she should be released on Thursday (we were planning on heading home Thursday anyway). She'll received her second treatment in three weeks here at Duke. A few weeks after that second treatment, they'll reevaluate to determine if the cancer is responding as hoped for. If so, she'll receive four additional treatments every three weeks, for a total of six over the next eighteen weeks.

If, after the first two treatments, her cancer is not responding, Tricia is in serious trouble.

Each treatment lasts several hours, and immediate side affects include the nausea, headaches, etc. Because of Tricia's other current health issues and medications (which I'll discuss at a later time), this entire process is a lot trickier than it normally would be if she was only facing cancer (not to diminish anyone who is "only" facing cancer...that alone is nothing to laugh at).

Needless to say, we're both very bummed tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm sure we'll be more optimistic, but tonight we're very discouraged. We continue to trust God, believing that, regardless of what lies ahead over the next few months, He is in control and knows what is best for us, but we're feeling rather beat up.

Blessed be the Lord

day after day he carries us along.

He's our Savior, our God, oh yes!

He's God-for-us,

He's God-who-saves-us.

Lord God knows all

death's ins and outs.

Psalm 68:19, 20 (The Message)


BTW...Gwyneth had an appointment today and has another tomorrow...I'll update you on her status later tomorrow. Thanks.
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