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Last day in PE and BIG INTERVIEW...

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:05pm
I'm going back to the Big Smog aka JHB today... have to be at the airport by 5pm this afternoon. I really hope we're not delayed again, because I have a lot of stuff to do for tomorrow. With all this going-home excitement I haven't actually mentioned that I have a huge interview tomorrow for a job for next year!!! It's with KPMG, which is on of the biggest Audit, Tax and consulting firms in the country... And I would really like working for them, as they're close to our house, and NEXT TO the hosp (which is perfect for when I have to go for bloods etc. I can just quickely pop over there during lunch (if I'm at the office), lol! And then I don't need to go to Pretoria every week and live out of a suitcase half of the week! So PLEASE pray that it goes wel!!!!!

I'm also going for bloods and the usual FeNO and flow loop tomorrow morning, before the interview (blood pressure should be through the roof then, lol), and an x-ray. Then after the interview it's off to Pretoria again.

Yesterday was great. My mom and I went for a long walk on the beach, which is almost like a mini-hike or something. It's called the Sacremento trail, because a few hundred years ago a Portugese ship called the Sacremento sank there. It REALLY is breathtaking, and I'll be posting pics tonight when I'm back in JHB. I haven't walked it in 5 years... so it was great. And easy, except for my calves that are sore from running on the beach the 2 previous days, lol!!! We had a nice lunch after that, and pancakes late afternoon, when it got rather cold! Went to church last night, and it was great being back in my old church, I quite miss it.

But even though I'm sad about leaving again, I'M BACK HERE IN 10 DAYS TIME!!!!! And this time for a week... to celebrate the birthday I didn't think I would have!!!!!

P.S. Please remember to sponsor Annelie (my aunt) for her CF run on the 5th of October... I was hesitant to ask in the light of the Gina/Pepe scam, but I'm not going to let some mentally deranged person/people affect real fundraising for CF. They've done enough damage as it is. So please go to

P.P.S. Check out my new badge!!!!
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