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Just stuff.

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:04pm
Hello out there in blogger land! I hope I find everyone happy and healthy today!

So today I called UW and made a CF clinic appointment. Not that I am particularly eager to go back there after all the crap they put me through, but the fact is that I need them. If I get sick or bob forbid I have an emergency where the hell else would I go!? So they need to be up to date on what's up with me. But the good news is that I don't have to see that insufferable bitch EVER AGAIN!!! I made it very clear that the Wicked Witch of Scottland isn't to come anywhere near me. I told the nurse cooridinator that if she even comes in the room I'll get up and leave. I don't care.

The day of the great tooth removal is fast approaching! Monday is it! And yes, I am looking forward to having all my top teeth (what's left of them) removed. I am totally sick of the jack-o-lantern smile, the pain, the breaking on stupid shit like FROSTED FLAKES!!!! *deep breath* I'm better now. Well, I will be once this is over with.

I'm looking forward to having my mom here too! Since my parents moved 4 hours away I don't get to see enough of them. We get along great. We're going to try and go to the zoo if I am feeling up to it. We love the zoo.
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