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Just a carrier but still effected?

Posted by anchored

Our 5 year old son got genetic test results back showing he is a CF carrier.  Our ENT has said that his extreme sinus issues are a result of his being a carrier.  Every other test he's had shows his immune systems working correctly, all parts are there, no allergies, cilia working correctly, no structural defects.  No huge resolution via adenoids out and maxillary opening being enlarged.  All the CF web sites say there is no effect when you are just a carrier.

 Does anyone know any more about this?  He is certainly effected by something and this would seem to explain it.  How is the carrier status able to effect him?  

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You still need to account for family history. Also, being a carrier does not make you asymptomatic - learned several cases in school, but here's one in the 3rd paragraph, too:

interestingly we have found that the carrier in my family is also symptomatic. 

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