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I'VE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!

Posted Jul 14 2008 4:05am

I'm going to be working at the family business in Pretoria, 3 days a week!!!! And I'll be sleeping over at my grandfather's house 2 nights, so then I don't have to face the horrific traffic between Joburg and Pretoria each day!!! SOOO excited... I'm very keen to gain some experience and with that will come self-confidence. (I'm talking about work-self-confidence... got plenty of the other type!!) So I won't be blogging again 'till Thursday, when I'm back in JHB again...

The very cool pic on the left here is a picture of a scan of my old lungs which my Dr was so kind as to e-mail to me!! I was taken during my work-up in Jan last year... exactly 1 year and 3 days before my transplant. And in that time my lungfunction probably dropped another 10% or more, so I don't even want to know what they looked like when I got the new lungs!! You don't need any medical background to know they look BAD!!!!

Speaking of which... I'm going for a FeNO (nitric oxide test) and flow loop (FEV1) test early tomorrow morning, on my way to work (wow it sounds good saying that...). A bit nervous!!! It better be good... WISH ME LUCK!!!!!
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