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I Don’t Recommend This Weight-Gain Tip

Posted Nov 23 2012 10:08pm

Doritos and Boost Plus I’ve been on a binge recently. A bad binge. Lots of saturated fat and food coloring.

Yes, I’ve been eating more than my fair share of Doritos and Cheetos. On several occasions I’ve eaten an entire family-size bag in one day, though I have paid the price in upset intestines for the following 24-36 hours each time.

Slowly, but much quicker than is natural, I have formed what can be described as nothing other than a small beer belly. Every single shirt is now stretched around my mid-section and I’ve finally discovered my long-time favorite tailored dress shirt was about to bust a button when I did it up. I was simultaneously upset that it no longer fit and elated that I could officially no longer be considered to be “skinny as a rail” by any stretch of the imagination.

Ever since we started fostering, I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve been up and down 5lbs or so from 113 since April and just couldn’t seem to break 120 again. Well, now I’m running a consistent 124-125 in the morning.

I’ve been having 1/4 to 1/2 a bag while I work during the day and then I’ll grab a Boost Plus, yogurt, Gatorade/tea, and finish off the bag at night after treatments… pretty much when all of my physical labor for the day is done, so it just goes straight to use becoming a permanent resident of my body instead of being used up.

I actually wrote that in August and never got around to publishing it. I’ve kept it up, though, and both my weight and midsection are proof enough of that.

We also recently got back into buying blocks of cheese, so I’ve been having 3-6,8,10 slices of New York extra sharp and pepperjack cheese every day. It took a while for my body to get used to it, but I’m in a good enzymes to food ratio that is keeping me feeling more well than not.

I’ve been forgetting to drink my Boost Plus in the past two weeks, but I think it’s my subconscious being mad that when they changed the bottle dimensions, they added a foil pain in the butt under the cap that I now have to find a place to set when I grab a bottle.

Maybe I’ll have dinner, chips, cheese, and Boost tonight!

What are you doing for weight gain recently? How long did it take to get results?

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