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I Didn't Get an I.V. Yesterday

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:00pm
And I'm very happy about it.

The last few months saw a flare-up from the normal bugs in my lungs, and at my last doctor's appointment, my PFT's were down 7% since...well, October of 2008. My doctor prescribed Ciprofloxin, which doesn't always work on my bugs, with the understanding that if I didn't recover within 10 days, it was time for an I.V. I wasn't super-excited about that possibility, but I wouldn't be surprised either, since I haven't had a "tune-up" in seven years. Anyway, the Cipro seems to have knocked out whatever was causing a ruckus. He gave me another week of Cipro and there will be a recheck on my birthday, because my doctor is very paranoid. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. He also wants me to gain some weight, which is understandable. I'm below 170 right now, so I'll be eating like a pig for the next week.

I never talk about CF on the blog, but this was exciting. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled paleo/art/gaming blog...
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