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Hippity Hoppity, Easter Photos

Posted Apr 05 2012 9:42pm

Easter is but a few days away and I was determined this holiday not to leave our photo session until the day of or worse, after the holiday itself.

Easter Shoot - 01

I feel relieved.  Holidays give me a good reason to put aside a few hours of my time, coordinate some cute outfits for my kids, and make wonderful memories to treasure.  I focus so much of my time on my clients and don’t want to disturb my memory cards in between sessions.  Most photos of my children these days are courtesy of my iPhone, which has an amazing camera for daily memories by the way.  But I am trying to change this by using my backup camera day to day and building my stash of memory cards.  You can never have enough memory cards, in my opinion.  Although I also believe you can never have enough cameras, but don’t tell my husband, he may just have a stroke.

Easter Shoot - 02

Nathan was really into having his picture taken, which is a very new thing. It may have something to do with us dangling Chuck E. Cheese over his head. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled that nowadays he is doing something, pausing, and then telling me to take his picture. There is hope for Teagan. I swore Nathan would never ever cooperate for a photo and now he is an angel.  I have exactly three photos of Teagan from our Easter shoot where she is not crying.  The photo below she is moments away from bawling.

Easter Shoot - 03

I adore this photo of the two of them together even though I can tell how Teagan is feeling about not being in my arms.  I can hear her repeating “hold you, mama!”

Easter Shoot - 04

And again, my little ham, appearing to be part perfect little gentleman and part ladies man.  I am going to instill the gentleman in him.

Easter Shoot - 05

And one last one of Teagan, not smiling, not crying, but investigating one of God’s great creations.  Wonderment, I’ll take it!

Easter Shoot - 06

Have a Good Friday and a Great Easter, y’all.  I really don’t say y’all day to day but my gut instinct was to type it there and that’s exactly where I will leave it.

Easter Shoot - 07

Ahh I just remember, we still have to dye eggs and visit the Easter Bunny!! Is the mall open Good Friday?  I suppose it will be Saturday.

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