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Head injury central.

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
How many times have I whacked my head?

More than I can count.

The most recent thwack to the head (oh yes, I whacked my head at work again. This time, under the stairs) has made me remember all the past times I've had a bruise/scar/story to tell. I actually have four unrelated to CF scars, one on my chin (when I was 8, when I used to go swimming every Friday. Um, let's just say I was an idiot slipped. On the edge of the pool. And I ended up in A+E that night) and 3 on my forehead. These three are all from when I was 3 years old. Obviously I can't remember them, but for some odd reason I do have a fleeting memory of one of them. I can't remember which scar its related to, but I do know I was teetering on the edge of some stone steps, on a tricycle.

Kids take what they watch on TV way to seriously.

I must have seen some idiot going down steps on a bike and thought I'd try and recreate this stunt. Although there were about 6 or 7 steps. Stone steps. And I remember thinking 'Uh... maybe I shouldn't' (although my sister says she was actually the one yelling this to me from the other end of the garden, I specifically remember having doubts about being such a prat). I must have slipped, I do have the feeling I may have tried to go back on the tricycle and instead I went forward, and that's all I remember. Obviously. I was most likely knocked out by this as even if I was 3, there's every chance I'd remember something that traumatic. I have a feeling that the scar above my left eyebrow might be the one that is from this story, as it just looks like it must have been a pretty nasty gash. Or else it'll be the one on the top right corner of my forehead. I have a permanent bump to go with the scar. It's not noticeable but I can feel it if I run my finger over said scar.

I don't know how I did the other two, but one was apparently from a marble fireplace thing, and another way from nursery I think. I remember sitting on a bed in the A+E and my Mum and Dad came in with my favorite teddy, whilst I was getting steri-strips over yet another wallop to the head. Just wrap me in bubble wrap and call it a day, yeah?

Luckily I haven't had any A+E worthy accidents that warrant stitches or steri-strips or whatever other crap they put on you, for a few years now. Not to say I haven't been to A+E since though - whilst I've never actually broken a bone I've had trips to A+E, like when I thought I'd broken my hand or when I almost broke my little toe (that was actually last winter, when a stool came crashing down on my poor little foot when I tripped over my laptop cord.) So yeah, bubble wrap.

The funny thing is that many times when I do hit my head its always on the right side where I have the permanent bump/scar. I suppose making it black and blue would make it more obvious.

Oh and I do actually have another head-injury story. I'm actually surprised I remember so many considering head injury = most likely forgetting the accident (whilst my memory is admittedly crap this might just be a genetic thing and not through my clumsy-ness). When I was 9, me and some friends were sneaking into the woods next to our youth club, as trees, mud and more mud is apparently more fun than inside the youth club. Anyway, we walk across the field and get to a part of the stone wall we can clamber over. When I clambered over, ever the elegant kid I am, one of the massive rocks decided to follow me and whacked the back of my lower head.


I must have screamed, b/c everyone stopped and asked what happened, and I don't remember saying anything, but I was conscious. Good thing too. The last thing a bunch of exploring 9 year olds need is someone getting knocked out, without an adult in sight. My friend Lindsay was talking to me, to distract me from the massive throbbing/splitting headache that had for some reason just formed. Yeah, its a mystery that one. But someone else asked if I was ok and I remember, despite saying to me 'You're ok, you're fine' she said to him 'I don't know, she's got a massive bump on the back of her head now'. Whilst we survived the little excursion otherwise unharmed, I was pretty freaked out that night. Probably b/c I'd recently been watching one of those medical dramas (probably 'Holby City') and some guy ended up brain dead after hitting his head on some concrete. I probably should have remembered the part where he'd fallen about 20ft, or the fact that he'd been knocked out. Or the fact that it was a completely scripted drama.

But then again, rational thinking goes out of the window with me, fairly often.

On a completely different note, I've been blogging for a year this week. To be specific, a year on Saturday. I vaguely remember deciding to start the whole thing. I was probably in a Health and Social care lesson, where we did bugger all (and miraculously still passed that class) and I was reading a blog at the time. Then I decided to click 'Create Blog' in the right hand top corner and that was me started off. I did actually write a pretty piss poor post to start with, which I soon chucked out and started again. Overall I'm glad I started this blog b/c I've met a lot of new people, and very nice people at that. I've also gotten loads of lovely comments and emails and I'm even good friends with a few people that I wouldn't otherwise know.

And in the words of Bree, Happy blogiversary to me :) (This girl sure is getting a lot of mention these days. Maybe I should start charging for advertisement...!)
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