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Haddon refused to use a back-to-back excuse do lose MaiShuai: he has done his best

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:02am
The rockets on the road to a 100-105 loss to the mavericks, were five straight. The game, play haddon 37 minutes, 23 throw only 5, the three-pointer 8 throw in 1, penalty and punishment for twenty nine points and eight rebounds and seven assists and steals, but there are also four turnovers. The game, haddon on the offensive end, feel the cold mistakes continuously, the fourth quarter of the life and death moment he is a breakthrough by the brand of the cap. After the game, haddon Cheap Lebron X talked about the cause of the team loses, said he will not find an excuse. Haddon said: "not because losing back-to-back, the fourth quarter we have energy in the second quarter, we start very well, we played a wave of small high tide, some things in the right in our hands, we should have to play better, more stable. Game, the rockets appeared again and turnovers, of which the first day they appeared nine turnovers. The first section, the rockets were Dallas kept out of 19 - attack high tide, because too many mistakes, and during that time, the rockets as if the evil, repeatedly error, seven turnovers appeared in 0 than during the 19. "We just have to play simple point, we are a little too narrowly, dribble too much." Haddon analytic said. Error, has become a recent rocket over around the topic, too many turnovers, has become the branch of a young team, before the gate of life after the McHale has emphasized many times that this problem, but had little effect. For haddon performance, no satisfaction McHale, but also does not blame disciple, he said: "the last two minutes of the ball is not in, haddon hit layup, manufacturing foul, but missed free throws, brand completed a great blocks. Haddon Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes played very spelling, and his free throw line 12 times, he got a lot to do with the usual shots, but is not in, sometimes you will experience the night like this." The game, Elton brand send out two blocks, one of the most critical time is undoubtedly the loss he gave haddon that. When haddon break layup, by the brand direct cap, complete the blocks, the brand is also very proud. "I sent out the two or three blocks and you ask is which one?" Elton brand after the game in the face of the reporter's question joked, "haddon is one of the league's best terminator, I just try our best to want to go to seal his the layup. Nowitzki playing the 33 minutes, 14 7 for the contribution to the 19 points, to know the game only his first eight shots hit two goals. For their own state, after the game nowitzki is satisfied, he said: "I got some very good chance, the third quarter end of the three points to help me find the rhythm, sometimes you need to do is look after a shooting into the basket." The Los Angeles lakers (17 games and negative) state rebound has got two wins, tomorrow they will meet at home defending champion Miami heat (25-12 negative). Pau gasol will return, four giant recovery neat the lakers will try to keep their strong impact, and just create new historical record of lebron James to lead his teammates on the road to Lebron 10 Elite winning streak over rivals. Although gasol truce, but the lakers run fairly well, kobe Bryant and Howard keep good play, they led the team beat the bucks to two wins, the lakers and show signs of recovery. The lakers' transformation and mike - dandong, tactical changes are concerned, they gave up before running boom, more dozen positional warfare, and at the same time, slow rhythm, it makes the lakers' defense had certain change. While Bryant in the defense also bear greater responsibility, has repressed Irwin and Jennings, and this became the key to the lakers can win. Tomorrow the lakers continue to stay at home, pau gasol will also get rid of the trouble, concussion return squad restore neat the lakers win at home to defending champion further morale-boosting. Before the lakers for lebron said concern degree is inferior to the heat, kobe Bryant is not willing to do more to respond, "he said so Lebron X For Sale have he yiyi? Don't so, he can get a cookie?" Kobe Bryant now more attention on the field of battle, tomorrow he should assume the burden of Peter - wade, and flash battle by the people of attention, this is also the first test Bryant defensive ability. Howard nearly two games in inside show dominant, tomorrow he can rule the heat's inside by the people of attention. Pau gasol will return, this will give the lakers insider bring what kind of impact? This is an unknown.
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