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Posted Aug 14 2008 10:07am
So as you hopefully assumed with the lack of blogging, MY LUNGS ARE FINE!!!!!! Fev1% was 89%, which is lower than I want it, but considering I was sick it's FINE. FeNO was 15, which is also great. So everything is good to go. White Cell count also up (good thing, it was too low as a result of having viral infection) and kidney function normal. The only thing that is still messing me around is my Tacrolimus (Prograf) levels, which was too low this time!!!! It just won't stay stable, and my Doc thinks it's probably to do with my CF and bad absorption... well let's hope it DOES settle down soon.

I'm having something to eat now, then off to gym to get the lung function back t o 99%, and then going to church cell, which I'm looking forward to quite a bit as I haven't been there in ages!!!

I also have VERY EXCITING NEWS, but you'll have to wait untill tomorrow night or Friday morning to hear what it is...

P.S. While driving to and from Pretoria this week, I was listening to one of my favourite CD's, that I have actually forgotten about a bit. So I was merrily singing /shouting along to some good rock tunes, when it hit me. I COULD SING ALONG PROPERLY!!!!! I DIDN'T GET OUT OF BREATH BEFORE THE SINGER DID!!!! Obviously I've been singing along to radio tunes etc, but I REALLY noticed it now, because I've sung along to this CD for years!!!! And I could never complete the phrases, to my utter frustration... But now I could!!!! So that just made my week... well almost, the EXCITING news might prove to be even better!
P.P.S. The flowers pics were taken in my grandad's garden. Can't figure out if spring is early or if they're just winter flowers, but they're very pretty.
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