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fate: one girl's decision to believe

Posted Jul 15 2010 9:22am
"how to name a blog" by emily

step 1: decide you want to start a blog.
step 2: start thinking about blog names. brainstorm lung-related phrases that encapsulate the feel you'd like the blog to have.
step 3: enlist the help of family.
step 4: produce a list of viable options.
step 4: identify a frontrunner.
step 5: sit on it. let it sink in. make sure it really *feels* right.
step 6: repeatedly stumble upon the frontrunner in everyday life thereby confirming its right-ness. (see exhibit a and b below)

exhibit a: flipping through a magazine, i get to the last section and voilá!

exhibit b: leisurely walking through a department store, i decided to check out the department on the upper level. i get off the elevator and immediately run into this.

i understand that this is a common, uplifting phrase, but come on people, it isn't the start of spring and i swear i've never seen it used in such public displays ever before! some may write it off as a simple case of having a phrase in mind and seeing examples of it more often due to your heightened attention, but i maintain that it was fate. and that is the story of how this blog was named. the end.
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