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Fast Track

Posted May 16 2013 10:22pm
The first few days after Tricia's first transplant were rough for her (if you go back and read my several posts from just after her first surgery in April 2008, you can compare with what's going on now), so we expected the same this time around, especially since the transplant team warned us several times how difficult the second time around can be.  BUT, Tricia has amazed everyone these first 36 hours.  She was awake and off the vent within hours, and walking by the end of the day.  She felt and looked incredibly good from the start and continues to improve, and this afternoon she was moved to the stepdown unit and placed on what they call a "fast track".  She is not out of the woods yet, but the past few days have been very promising and we're praying she'll avoid any setbacks and be released from the hospital within the next 2-3 weeks.

The medical team has amazed us once again.  Tricia's first surgery five years ago was about nine hours long, and was, according the Dr. Lin, one of the more difficult lung extractions he'd ever performed.  This surgery was no less than 11 hours, and Dr. Lin again told us that it was an incredibly difficult extraction.  Tricia gave him a big hug today and told him he was her miracle worker.  She also told him how thousands of people were praying for him during the surgery, for which he said he was very thankful.  So, thank you.

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