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Do you expect The New iPad Mini

Posted Feb 20 2013 8:57am

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said: Apple will hold the new conference at the end of April, then we are likely to see the new design of the iPad. Gene Munster said: "we believe that Apple is likely to launch a full size iPad new design, and have the appearance style of iPad mini. But limited by supply constraints, the use of Retina display of the new iPad Mini might be released later in the year. "

Apple iPad Mini released in 2012 October, the fourth generation of full size iPad compared to the previous generation products, the overall change is not big, so according to the apple before launch cycle, in 2013, March or April, is likely to be issued with a iPad Mini style view full size iPad. Gene Munster also said, in addition to the new update of the iPad, Apple may introduce a new version of Apple TV, and can be applied to the Apple TV APP Store, in preparation for the full size iTV future.

According to foreign media reports, investment news website BrightWire quoted close to Apple suppliers in Taiwan Chinese sources as saying, Apple's next-generation iPad Mini will configure the pixel density for the retina display 324 pixels per inch, higher than the fourth generation iPad retina display screen.

It is reported, AU Optronics in trial production of 7.9 inch display second generation iPad Mini configuration. The next generation of iPad Mini screen resolution will reach 2048 X1536 pixels, 4 times than in the first generation iPad mini, and is the same with the fourth generation iPad. In that time, I think more and more iPad mini accessories will come into being. Many iPad Mini fans want to use best cases for ipad mini, on the whole, Apple has a big effect on peripheral industry.

The iPad MINI has a small size of flat computer with iPad the same resolution that Apple can have high resolution, and no requirement for the developer based on the optimized for the application of another kind of display size.

Since the iPad Mini released, the next generation of iPad Mini rumors configuration higher resolution display has been the existence of. Despite being part of the media criticism is not configured to retina display, but since the release of iPad Mini sales is quite strong, recently Apple can satisfy the market demand for iPad mini.

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