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Dino Diagnosis of the Day #3

Posted Dec 12 2008 2:52pm
It's that time again. This animal is not a dinosaur, may or may not be along their lineage. Depends on who you ask, I suppose. With that clue in mind, here's the diagnosis!

Small slender-limbed ornithodiran characterized by: low subtriangular skull, twice as broad across orbits as deep, expanded nasal which hides premaxillae and external nares in dorsal view, maxilla with raised anterior margin of antorbital fossa, reduced slit-like upper temporal fenestra, broad quadrangular plate-like parietal, quadrate-quadratojugal bar angled steeply backwards from anteriorly placed glenoid (and posteriorly located braincase and long retroarticular process) and metatarsals I-IV equal in length.

If Chris gets this on the first try, I'm gonna go nuts!
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