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Date Night

Posted Jan 19 2011 12:00am
Hello friends!  I have to share with you the wonderful night Hannah and I had.  Scott is out of town for business, so it was just us girls.  A few months ago I purchased a book by Dannah Gresh called "8 Great Dates for You and Your Daughter".  I have been wanting to get started and with Scott away it seemed like the perfect time.

I chose date #2: "Real Physical Beauty" with the challenge activity being a facial or manicure.  The key verse for this date was Song of Songs 6:8-9  "Sixty queens there may be and eighty concubines, and virgins beyond number; but my dove, my perfect one is unique."  The goal of the evening was to help Hannah see that real physical beauty is the set of unique qualities that only she has.

The suggested setting for this date was a full service spa, but since I couldn't afford such a luxury, I created a spa at home.  I spent the day sprucing up my bedroom and bathroom, giving it a spa feel with low lighting, candles, and sweet smells.  I also got out our best fluffy guest towels to make it really special.

We started our date by cooking dinner together, making something new that we would both like:  Apple Cinnamon Crepes.

When dinner was finished, I headed upstairs to run a tub full of warm bubbly water and to set up our mood lighting.  Everything looked and smelled wonderful, it definitely had spa appeal!

Before we got in the tub to soak, we cleansed our faces and applied masks to each other.  The idea was to let the masks harden while we were relaxing in the tub.
We got a kick out of our green faces!

While in the tub, I gave Hannah a foot rub with some mint foot scrub.  She loved it!  It was a nice quiet time to talk, laugh, and just be together.
When our faces were hard, we decided to get out.  Hannah had fun making faces.

I finished the night by rubbing her feet with mint foot lotion and we each gave each other a pedicure.

The whole date lasted about two hours and didn't involve TV or a movie.  It was a wonderful bonding time where we could discuss each of our uniqueness that makes us beautiful.
Before bed I asked Hannah to rate our date on a scale of 1 - 10, she gave it an 11!  I would have to agree, it was a wonderful and fun evening!  I can't wait for our next date!
Parents, make sure you are planning activities from time to time that avoid distractions and give you and your child a chance to really concentrate on each other.  It will be SO worth it!
God bless you all!  Nancy
If you are interested in ordering Dannah's book, here is the amazon link:

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