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Crawling...? Nope, not quite yet...

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
For about two months, we have been convinced that Gavin is just about ready to crawl...yet as he gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, he always gives in and continues to scoot toward his destination.

Maybe one of these days he'll actually decided to try it...or maybe he'll just decide to walk instead. He does love to stand at the window and is starting to attempt to take small steps while holding onto the sill...but most of the time he just loves to stare at the people, squirrels, bunnies, cars etc going by :)

He is at such a fun stage now, he is beginning to repeat sounds we make. One of his favorites is saying "ahh Ta!" in a quiet whisper voice, he also loves to say "mmmm" after a yummy bite of food. He is starting to wave at people, not sure if he knows he's saying hello/goodbye but he does know that he gets a big reaction everytime he does it!
Even with the craziness of trying to sell our home, and the weather getting colder, most of our life is staying routine and normal.
Louie is still his best friend...

He still loves to smile for the camera...

And still plays so hard that sometimes he needs to take a quick break...

We caved and turned the heat on last night, hope you all are staying warm in this brisk fall weather!
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