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cold season is upon us

Posted Feb 03 2012 8:50pm

It may not be cold outside but cold season is definitely in full swing around here.  The temperatures have been fairly mild but my sinuses have been very angry that we keep experiencing temperatures oscillating back and forth between warm and cold.  I actually had my sliding glass door open on February 1st.  And while most days I don’t even wear a jacket let alone a sweatshirt, my children always wear coats.

The past two days have seemed like an eternity.  Teagan is sick with a cold and she is just plain miserable.  I even took her to the pediatrician today just to make sure her ears and throat looked alright but her doctor confirmed my instinct that she was only suffering from a cold – low grade temperature, coughing, running nose, decreased appetite, looser stools, IRRITABILITY!, LOTS OF CRYING.  When I asked him if there was an anti crying medication he laughed and suggested I try Advil in place of the Tylenol.  I feel terrible for her but to be quite honest I am feeling pretty sorry for myself too.

Thursday and Friday mornings I utilize the time when both kids are at preschool to work on client proofing galleries however I kept my sick little girl home.  I would have been ticked off if another parent brought a sick child in so that was not going to be me.


The photos of Teagan below were taken about a week ago.  We had a mother daughter date at the mall with a friend.  She doesn’t look enthused but I can tell already that she is going to love shopping with her mama, really she has no choice.  I decided, that since I’ve lost almost 8 pounds since December 26, I deserved a little something for myself – two new shirts that were on super clearance at Express.


I digress.  What I was trying to say is, since Teagan stayed home from preschool the past two days, I got absolutely nothing accomplished.  I’ve been telling myself that I would make up for it in the evening, you know burn some midnight oil, but after trying to comfort a crying child all day I’ve been too tired to trust my eyes editing any photos.  I have to make up for it this weekend.  Photos to edit, galleries to upload, clients to get back to, sessions to schedule.  Praise God my business is doing well but family comes first.  Luckily, weekends are a great time to play catch up since my husband is home and can spend some quality time with the kids, something he doesn’t get to do a lot of during the weekdays.


She really is such a good girl.  I know she much not be feeling well to be crying 90% of the day.  What bothers her most are the boogers dripping from her nose.  She can’t stop rubbing, scratching, and wiping her face.  I lost my cool the other evening an feel terrible.  I actually shouted at her to stop crying and it only made her cry worse.  Instantly I felt remorse.  She is so helpless and dependent on me to comfort her.  I wish I could apologize to her and have her understand but I will just have to try harder to not make it happen again.  I apologized to Nathan for yelling at Teagan and he forgave me, but only after saying it scared him.

TeaganPigtails - 2

Baby girl does not like her hair up these days.  These photos were taking last week around the same time as the mother daughter mall trip.  Initially she was quite happy and cute with her pink boots (she always has boots or shoes on her feet – she demands it actually and chooses her own pair, often matching her outfits better than the ones I would choose) and pigtails.

Quickly that happinesses and cuteness faded into misery as she embarked on a mission – Operation Get-These-Rubber-Elastics-Out-Of-My-Hair. 


It is going to be pretty difficult trying to grow this girls bangs out.  Her hair is back in her eyes again since I last caved in and decided to snip the hair out of her face.  I either need to let her eat hair or wrap those elastics even tighter!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend – relaxing, lazy, productive, or whatever else you may have in store.  I’m praying that Teagan may experience some relief from her cold symptoms and that I may utilize my time in a productive and efficient manner.

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