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Clinic Results (Blood, Chest X-ray, Sputum Culture)

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:12pm
Blood work Results
Everything is normal here, white blood cells, liver enzymes, and vitamin levels.

Chest X-ray Results
There were some markings, to be expected, but Dr. A is not concerned. He will use this x-ray as a baseline.

Sputum Culture Results
No pseudomonas! Out of his 8 cultures thus far 4 of them grew pseudomonas, but not this one! Dr. A is not positively certain that the pseudomonas is gone but it is good enough for me, for now. If the next two sputum cultures are negative then he will be ordering a bronchoscopy, to be safe. Better safe than sorry.

Dr. A may also want to start Nathan on an antacid. Stomach acid can irritate the airways and with all the coughing comes vomiting. The antacid will not prevent the vomiting, but it will decrease the acidity.

In my opinion the results seem good. Praise God!

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