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Chronic Sinusitis

Posted Mar 23 2009 3:07pm
A few weeks ago, Tricia was diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis. CFers are notorious for having sinus issues...Tricia has always dealt with minor sinus problems, but it has become increasingly worse over the past few years. She often has a lot of sinus pressure and pain (she complains of her face hurting) as well as headaches and drainage.

She also has developed a cough related to the drainage and often has trouble sleeping because of the pain and coughing. Her unexpected bronch last week was the result of her doctors being a concerned about an infection...we're waiting to hear back about the lab results. She may still be dealing with an active Pseudomonas or she may have a different kind of sinus infection altogether

For her sinusitis, she'll begin a different kind of treatment today, and possibly be placed on a new antibiotic. She had a headache and sinus pain yesterday evening, was up coughing most of last night and is still in bed now.

Thanks for your prayers as we learn to deal with this new part of Tricia's journey...yes, her health issues will never end, but that is something we accepted a long time ago. Also, if you haven't yet, please stop by MckMama's Blog today and pray for Stellan who is back in the hospital.


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