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Catch up!

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
What a crazy and wild last few weeks we have experienced! Phoenix has been busy learning all kinds of new things! This weekend at Grandma's he learned how to climb up and down the ladder to the attic!

He also learned that if you dump out the bag of Cheetos in the chair they taste so much better! (But only allowed to do this at Grandma's also!)

You should try it, it really does taste better! According to Phoenix!

The last time he was there Phoenix learned that there are all kinds of wonderful things you can get into when the refrigerator door is open!

And jello is also much better when eaten with your fingers! And no there is no need for it to be jigglers it all squishes the same!

Phoenix also experienced his first pumpkin patch this weekend! He was sure that the pumpkins were meant for riding!

We voted they should make this a local ride for the area kids! Phoenix really seemed to enjoy it!

I have to tell you, I think the proudest moment I had yet this weekend as a mother is when Phoenix learned how to pick his nose all by himself! He was so proud of himself, and with all his siblings sitting around laughing he thought it was pretty funny! So I myself being the wonderful mother that I am grab my cell phone and take a picture! What fun it will be to show his girlfriends years down the road! What is so cute now can always be black mail later!

Our big man also learned that if you throw and entire roll of toilet paper in the bath tub while mommy is trying to give the dog a bath she isn't very happy!
What will this week have in store for us???? It could be just about anything! I will try to get some new Phenny and Bob pictures posted! They are becoming fast friends, I'm just not sure which one is more of a hand full!

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