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Can Cystic Fibrosis be diagnosed as an adult?

Posted by kristinathan

Is it possible to have such a mild case that one's health functions close to "normal" most of the time? I have been battling chronic pain/fatigue due to auto-immune  problems, and a few various things have crossed over to reveal a few red flags pointing toward Cystic Firosis. My mom has the same trouble, mine magnified and required help since my early thirties. My first auto-immune battle left me with chronic lower respiratory viruses for 8 months. One after the other, they just kept coming. They never figured out the cause, it just cleared up for a few years. This past summer my son ended up in the ER and spent several days in the children's hospital with pancreatits. They never did figure out the cause. My daughter has spent the past 4 winters with chronic sinusitis, some let up in the summer, but not much. Again, unsure of the cause, as the traditional allergy tests don't show anything. Lastly, I noticed online that some people with C.F. have the clubbed fingers or toes, which my mother has struggled with something that looks quite similar for the past couple years. She has to get her toenails clipped at the doctors because they start to grow back under the skin a bit. anyhow, I guess what I'm asking is do this pieces fit together, or is just some random coincidences?



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Get a preliminary "sweat test" not expenisve. My grandfather had clubbing of his fingernails but never showed any other real signs of CF. And yes CF can be diagnosed as an adult, as  I described above. If in fact it is in your family, all need to have a gene check done to see who are carriers and who actually have it. Any questions please ask me......I have been dealing with CF for almost 60 years, so I do know a little about it.

I won't say that it is impossible. It is very Possible. My cousin was only Diagnosed at the age of 17. He has a very mild form of cystic fibrosis, where as I have quite a serious case. Its amazing how two people can differ so much.

 The hospital did sweat tests on him, and they were positive...


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