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busy little elves and Christmas memories

Posted Dec 18 2011 10:25pm

We have been busy little elves this weekend. Have I mentioned that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  All the photos today are from my iPod, hence the mediocre resolution, but regardless they are memories and I LOVE photographs and memories.  I would rather have a blurry grainy noisy photo than to have no photo at all.

Part of the reason for the mobile pics is that I am still drowning in client’s photos and would rather not mess with my memory cards until all clients photos have been taken care of and backed up, and burnt to disc, and backed up again and again, just to be safe.


* * * * * * * *

Fa la la!  Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
So what do we do when we are happy and festive?  We bake, of course!

I can’t help but think of my mom around Christmastime.  She could have been a magazine or billboard advertisement for “holiday cheer”.  While looking for Christmas cookie recipes I stumbled upon a recipe for checkerboard and pinwheels and instantly thought of her.

Source: via Christina on Pinterest


She may have made them many times or she may have only made them one year, but to me these cookies screamed Christmas and all I could think about was mom.  I had to make them.

checkerboard christmas cookies

Even if they resembled Mad Hatter Dr Seuss-esque checkboard cookies, they were awesome and they were delicious.  My breakfast this morning consisted of raw and fresh baked cookie dough, don’t judge.  Not for Teagan though, she was just trying to eat them via telekinesis through the oven glass.  Oven locks are wonderful things.

waiting for christmas cookies to bake

Jay wanted to prove to me that he could roll the pinwheel cookies better than I could.  His were green on the outside and mine were red on the outside.  I confess his pinwheels were much better, he rolled them perfectly tight.  He kept bragging that his would be perfect, and that was a lot of bragging time considering I let them chill in the fridge overnight.  I am sure the suspense was killing him.

In his words, “If someone were to look at these pinwheel cookies he would think one of two things.  Either they were made by a professional baker or rolled by a wrestler.”

Apparently all those years of rolling up a wrestling mat pays off in perfectly rolled pinwheel cookies later in life.

green and red pinwheel christmas cookies

You can’t compare the two photos because his were not yet baked, but I already confessed that his were better.  I love them both though because they are red, and they are green, and they scream Christmas, and they remind me of mom.  All good things.

red and green pinwheel christmas cookies

And then, since I just had to register for a Wilton cookie press for our wedding, I figured it was about time I used it, nearly 5 years later.

I used this recipe for Spritz cookies

Source: via Christina on Pinterest


And I used this cookie press (which is currently less than $15!)

Source: .

 The cookie press was much easier to use than I thought it would be.  You pull the plunger back, fill the chamber with dough, choose the insert, engage the plunger by turning it around, then with the press against the cookie sheet, squeeze the trigger/handle once for each cookie.  I read somewhere to freeze the cookie sheet to help the dough release better.  I froze the cookie sheet for a few minutes between each batch and never had a problem with the dough releasing from the cookie press.  Although I didn’t try it without the chilled cookie sheet so I have nothing to compare it to.

spritz christmas cookies with press

Nathan helped decorate the spritz cookies.  Nothing crazy, just sprinkles, mostly red.

decorating christmas cookies

We packed a couple dozen to bring to our annual neighborhood Christmas party.  It is our first time in attendance because something has come up every single year preventing us from attending.  Last year it was a nasty stomach virus or food poisoning for Jay.

I am also going to set aside some of the cookies for Nathan and Teagan to bring to their preschool Cookie Exchange/Breakfast with Santa on Thursday.

But the rest of our cookies are ALL OURS! To eat warm, cold, with milk, and even stale and crumbly.  Ok, we will save some for Santa too.

* * * * * * * *

But before the Christmas party, while Teagan caught up on some beauty sleep, I wanted to tackle something that has been on my to-do list for well over a year now.  I’ve been meaning to make an origami crane mobile for Teagan’s nursery, scratch that, Teagan’s bedroom.

It is still not quite complete but here it is hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom in a quasi complete phase.

origami crane mobile

I still have to add at least 4 more cranes, and fluff the feathers.  Just kidding on that one.  What I meant was, the cranes are still flat, I need to puff them up, bend their wings/beak.

* * * * * * * *

Now, onto our neighborhood Christmas party full of Christmas cheer, snowflake sweaters, and delicious food.  Even stocked with Nathan’s favorite soda – Root Beer!

We had a great time running around with the other neighborhood kids and just chatting.  The stairs, always the biggest attraction.  What is it about stairs that attracts kids?

This photo may look like it is just a happy little boy with an enormous smile enjoying his Root Beer but to me it is so much more.  See those coasters?  The moment I saw them I LOVED THEM!  I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why I instantly fell in love but after thinking about it for a few moments I knew why.  My mom had the same exact coasters!  It had to be!  I know you are probably thinking, enough of these mom memories…but NEVER!

I verified with my dad who came to the party with us to help with the kids.  I honestly didn’t think he would remember either way because coasters are so insignificant but he immediately responded to my question, “Yes, she had the same exact coasters”.

nathan at neighborhood christmas party











To be honest, I wanted them.  My gut wanted to snatch them up and put them in the purse I haven’t carried since Nathan was born over 3 years ago, and bring them home.  But that would have been so wrong, not to mention so unlike the spirit of Christmas.  For the record I would never have done that.  I guess my mom just wanted to enjoy the Christmas party with her family and her grandchildren.  Nothing but love…<3

Toduck coasters


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