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(Bump) Webcam

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:32pm
(Thanks so much for your help...I think I've got lots of info to work with so far, so I'm disabling the comments since many of them seem to be suggesting the same things. I'll let you know what we figure out...talked with the NICU docs again, and a 24/7 camera is definitely not doable, but I should be able to either take something in with me, or keep something in there and turn it on when I'm in there, so we're definitely going to do something. Thanks!)

I need your help again (please, only respond under this post if you seriously know about this stuff so that we can keep it on point) !

We'd like to try to set up a webcam at Gwyneth's bed so that Tricia can watch her whenever she wants. The NICU doc mentioned this yesterday, so I'm assuming that it will be OK (and I'll check for sure).

I know nothing about webcams, so I need some help from those who do. Tricia has her laptop and we have (slow) wireless internet access in the hospital. What should I look at buying, and how exactly would it work?



PS. This has nothing to do with a new computer...I'm not going to leave a computer (and I don't think they'd allow me) down in the NICU, and I don't think Gwyneth really cares much about trying to see/hear us while she's in the incubator. We just want to be able to watch her, and we don't mind if it's a slow/delayed connection. :)
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