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(Bump) Like A Virus

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:37pm
This was originally posted in January. I'm still finding new blogs/websites linking to ours nearly every day, and I'm sure I've missed a bunch...THANK YOU so much for sharing our part of God's story with others! No need to ask my permission to link our blog or any of my posts...we appreciate your help in raising awareness about the issues we are passionate about!

Just as many of you are checking in with us several a day, I spend several minutes each week seeking out any and all blogs and websites that mention our story, posting a simple "Thank you!" on every one that allows. The number is in the thousands by now...which I find absolutely amazing...and those are just the ones that I've been able to find.

I'm doing all I can to document and save everything I write and read about this story. Your comments, your emails, your cards and letters and packages.

Now, I'd like to devote this post to asking those of you who have blogged about our story to simply leave a comment with your web/blog address (we'll keep it short and uncluttered). It would mean the world to me, it would mean easy access for when Tricia and others want to read more, and it would mean some serious traffic for you.

If you know of a third party website (like a website chat room) that is talking about us, and do not see it posted yet, feel free to do post. Please, only comment on this post if you have your own link to share, or a third party website link.

Thank you!

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