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Birthing Jake 4 Years Ago Today!

Posted Jul 21 2010 12:00am
Guess who's 4 years old today? That's right, my little sweet pea, Jacob! We celebrated with family on Saturday and I've been stepping on Lego's ever since. Those little things hurt...

I had a very easy pregnancy and birth experience with my first child, Emma. The pregnancy with Jake was great, but the birth was a bit more challenging...after 40 hours of labor. You heard right, 40 hours of labor! I was induced 10 days early, as I was with Emma, because my lungs were getting too crowded. I was admitted into the hospital at midnight the morning of July 21st and the induction process started. About an hour after I arrive a bright yellow "Precautions" sign was placed on my door and nurses started gearing up in space suits just to see me. To my surprise they said that I had MRSA. How did that happen? I hadn't gotten a cultured for about 4 months. Well, I guess I cultured MRSA the last time I was seen by my CF doctor, but they never told me. Huh? It was explained that it could have been a false positive, so they recultured me. The problem being that it would take at least 3 days for the culture results to come back and by that time I would be long gone from the hospital. So they had to take all of the MRSA precautions for this birth.

I started contracting very soon after the initial induction process. I was rearing to go, but there was no birthing room available for me. I spent about 24 hours laboring in a regular room, until I was moved to a birthing room. I was RARELY visited, I'm certain because of how much time and effort it took for them to suit up before popping in. Finally, the time was near. I was ready to push. Wouldn't you know, that little bugger just wanted to keep holding on. Two and a half hours of pushing later, I had a PERFECT little baby boy.

It was exhilarating, but I was exhausted. I ran a marathon in 2002 and this labor experience was 10x more challenging. After about an hour of snuggling I was more than ready for them to take my little bundle of joy to the nursery so I could get some much needed zzz's. Whoa, was I surprised to find out that my little guy was now considered a MRSA patient, so he was not allowed to go to the nursery with all of the "normal" babies. Seriously! I wanted to cry...but I did it with the help of my hubby and family.

Discharge time was nearing and my son hadn't been circumcised. I had been asking about it every 10 minutes since Jake was born. Nobody had to guts to tell me that since my baby couldn't leave the room, they couldn't circumcise him. What?!?!?! They wanted me to bring him back at a later date to do it. That just was not happening. So I pulled out all the stops...I turned on the water works. I cried and cried... *whimper* "I can't possibly..." *sob* "...bring my son back when he's even older..." *sniff* get circumcised...and I've been treated like a freak...and..." *whimper* "...this has just been so hard!" *sob*. It worked! The doctor whisked my son away, did the deed, and brought him back within 15 minutes. She did a great job too, I must say ;-)

All of this just to find out that my latest culture showed no evidence of MRSA. I either got rid of it on my own or is was a false positive. I've not cultured it since.

After having a step-daughter who thinks her father walks on water and having a daughter who has always been a "daddy's girl", I finally have a little boy who loves nothing more than to kiss, hug, hold, snuggle and love me!

Here are 4 things I've learned from Jake in the past 4 years

1) I learned who Jar Jar Binx is and that we tend to find him annoying...

2) I learned that boys of ALL ages are intrigued by their privates!

3) Jake has Asthma and severe food allergies. Seeing him struggle to breathe and rushing him to the ER during his worst attack gave me a glimpse of what it must have been like to be my mother, or any mother parenting a child with CF. I learned that it's really hard...

4) I learned that "Mama's Boy's" really do exist and they are WONDERFUL!

Happy Birthday to My Dearest, Jake!

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