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Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm

Some of you were wondering about the bandage that has been on my hand and I realized I hadn't shared my burn story.

Hannah was blessed with Scott's and my eyebrows (lucky girl!) Irish, English, and Italian... not a great mix for body hair. As early as the first grade kids teased her about her mono-brow, so, being a compassionate mother who is also cursed with a mono-brow, I began waxing her eyebrows for her.

The day before school started, we were getting her ready, painting her nails, washing her hair extra well, picking out school clothes, and, of course, we needed to tame the brow. I use microwave wax and have never had a problem with it. I went to get the hot wax out of the microwave and it EXPLODED!!! Hot wax flew everywhere! Luckily, I only got a little on my face, but the hand that was holding the jar REALLY got it (as well as the kitchen floor, counter, cabinets, and sink). I received a nasty burn and required the assistance of my PA brother-in-law to painfully remove the wax.

Of course, I have needed to be very careful about infection, so I have really been babying the burn, using antibiotic ointment with a bandage during the day and exposing it to the air at night. It does seem to be healing well and may not even scar (cross your fingers!).

Hannah may have gotten the worst end of it, however, Scott had to pluck her brow by hand, OUCH!

I don't want to bore you with my cooking, but can you tell I'm excited about this new challenge? Here is tonight's dinner, a delicious tropical pork chop recipe, YUM!!

Oops, Scott caught me with my mouth full!

My love to you all! Nancy

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