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An {interesting} evening workout & The End

Posted Jul 27 2012 9:56pm

I really need to focus a little on finding little slots of me time throughout the day. This evening it was exercise. While doing push ups Nathan was driving his remote control car underneath me. As frustrating as it was to not even have a moment to do a push up, it was so stinking cute that I will never forget it.

In order to focus on completing a workout, I asked Jay if he could give the kids a bath. There was no way I could do a single jumping jack with Teagan at my feet repeating “hold you, mama” – again it’s an adorable interruption but an interruption nonetheless.

By the time bath time was over, Jay washed their hair {extra credit!} to extend the bath as long as possible, Nathan came running downstairs still naked asking if he could do what I was doing. My wrists killing me from just assuming push up position, I said sure.

He got in his own version of a pushup position, more like downward dog and was doing his version of whatever I was trying to do, stark naked of course – HILARIOUS. I could use this comic relief during every workout. But I must make a mental note, I need to get some more meat on that little boys body, seeing him stretching and such made me notice how skeletal he was.



I’ve been MIA lately because Coxsackie overcame 3/4 of our household last week.  I feel very fortunate that I was spared.  The photo below was taken the day my husband stayed home with a high fever and sore throat and Teagan was still battling a couple days of fever and a mouthful of sores.


She also had an ear infection, my kids are good wax producers and for some reason or another Teagan is a repeat offender when it comes to ear infections.  She had an ear infection when Nathan was admitted to the hospital and it was just as difficult to give her the amoxicillin this time around.

And she must be just like her mama when it comes to antibiotic and yeast because it just so happens she developed thrush in her mouth and then passed it on to me.  This really really hurt when it came to nursing her.  I didn’t even realize it was thrush until my friend {prone to and specializing in knowledge of thrush} pointed it out.  The one morning I woke up in so much pain {TMI Alert – turn back now!} that my nipples were cracking and bleeding.  I never once had any of these problems in the history of our breastfeeding relationship.  So again unknowing what it was and unable to find my favorite Motherlove Nipple Cream, I applied some triple antibiotic.  I didn’t realize how bad that stuff tasted because the next time I fed Teagan she was disgusted and started shoving her fingers down her throat gagging herself.  I felt terrible.

Next time she asked to nurse she took a taste test {ha!} and was not satisfied.  I wasn’t too bother because I was still in pain, still not knowing what was wrong.

For the first time since she was born she went to bed without nursing – as long as she could see the splitting she would say “yuck, boo boo”.  I felt that our time was up, that she was forced to wean and her last experience was me poisoning my nipples and making her gag.  Goodness gracious is that some guilt and a half to live with.  I felt like crying.  But when she refused to sleep I went back up, it was darker, she couldn’t see, and see nursed.  She also nursed in the middle of the night and those last two nursing experiences, ending on a good note is all needed to close that chapter in our book.  And this was all on my 29th birthday.  I was very ready to be done breastfeeding and I am at peace with her decision to wean.  Whether it was forced by illness or if it was coincidental, it is still over and I am okay with it.

Now I get to treat both cases of thrush without having to worry about us passing it back and forth.  Once I found out what I had, I started applying coconut oil which is good a good anti fungal.  I also ordered grapefruit seed extract and gse tablets listening to the advice of my instagram peeps and thrush friend extraordinaire.  This is one of the most highly recommended naturally remedies for thrush.  I actually met my friend to get a starter supply while I waited on my amazon delivery.  I would say my thrush is 100% gone.  Teagan is giving me a hard time when I try to swab out her mouth with the diluted gse solution, no surprise there.  Today I started putting 3 drops of the liquid concentrate in any beverage I gave her.

Now please, everyone needs to bubble up and give me a break from illnesses!!!


To make up for my absence, I will be in photo dump overdrive this weekend, camping trip, beach trip, hiking!!!!

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