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All about daddy

Posted Jan 18 2013 11:26am

Today was all about training daddy to feed Nathan.

I need backup and support over the weekend so I am so happy Jay took today off.

I fed Nathan his first meal, smoothie and puréed sausage, egg, and cheese, while Jay watching through the glass.

Nathan said the egg mixture had pepper in it, and kept saying the pancake was too spicy. I guess that would be the sausage. Regardless, he at every spoonful.

Jay’s first feed was one ounce of smoothie and one ounce of applesauce – confidence building purées as I like to call them. He did terrific, they both did.


His second feed was smoothie and sweet potato, both successful.

His final feed was applesauce and puréed sausage, egg and cheese mixture, again successful.

He has been a pleasure in the playroom, using the toilet all day without any problems. He has also been drinking 2 ounces of pediasure from a cup after each meal.

This weekend is all about maintaining structure and the progress he has made with purées (and hopefully sleeping in at least until 7, fingers crossed).

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