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a laundry routine that works for me, finally

Posted Mar 16 2013 8:01pm

I’m so sick of letting my laundry pile up until it transforms into a big cloth monster.  Then all in one day I usually do load after load until it is all “clean”.  It goes something like this: wash, dry that load, start a new load, dump clean dry laundry on bedroom floor, continue the wash, dry, dump until dirty laundry monster becomes a clean laundry monster.  Live out of the clean laundry heap until I feel motivated to fold or hang, and put away (always optional).

I am so sick of this routine.  We are blessed with so much clothing and are equally blessed with enormous piles of both clean and dirty laundry.  Now that I am no longer hanging cloth diapers to dry, I think I forgot to mention both kids are now wearing underpants full time {Woohoo!}, we have plenty of space to hang clothing in our laundry room.

Initially the change in routine developed out of necessity – to save energy and reduce our expenses, but now I am realizing that hang drying all of our laundry is way more than a cheaper electric/gas bill.  It means that clean monster pile of laundry on our bedroom floor disappears. Since we have plenty of clothing to choose from, we are really in no hurry for anything to dry, with the exception of sheets and underpants {there are still some accidents}.

So now, once a day or once every other day, I will wash a full load of laundry on cold {I only used hot for cloth diapers}, when I have a chance during the day, I will hang everything in the laundry room to dry, if there is clean dry laundry I will gather the hangers and bring to their respective rooms.  Life changing, simple, exactly what I needed. Most of our clothing ends up on hangers anyway, {with the exception of Jay’s clothing which goes in his enormous armoire and Teagan’s clothing, since she has a pretty decent sized dresser}.  Almost all of Nathan’s clothing needs to be hung.

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