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7 months and lots of good news...

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:05pm
So it's been 7 months for me and the new lungs today...

The MOST exciting news is that a CF guy called Andre who has been on the waiting list for like 4 years finally GOT LUNGS two days ago!!!! He's doing REALLY well thusfar, and I'll be popping in to see him on Monday morning when I go for bloods again.

Also... my lungfunction was 99.6% on Monday... a personal record for me!!!! I think it's safe to say my cold is completely gone. Going to gym again this afternoon, which should be great. The only thing that is crappy at the moment is that I'm having trouble sleeping... don't know why!!!!

The interview went fine. The only thing is that they're only taking in 10 people for the training I'm applying for, and they have to take BEE (black economic empowerment) into consideration... so I may be too white :-( But we'll see what happens.

Got this weird (but cool) e-mail yesterday... 1Time, the cheap airline I flew to PE with, has these great specials for the months of October and November, TO CELEBRATE OUR ONE MEDAL THAT WE WON AT THE OLYMPICS... I see the USA medal count is at 99... we've got 1 silver medal... so their name, 1Time, is pretty ironic, lol!!! In anycase, I'll DEFINITELY be making use of the special!!!!

In a week's time I'll be back in Port Elizabeth!!! I'm flying down again (with 1Time, lol), my dad will be joining up with us, and we'll be spending a week together. Living in the same house again like a normal family! I'll also be spending my birthday with my friends, which is great. I'll be driving back with him again on Sunday the 7th I think. Hopefully my next trip will be to Cape Town... haven't been there since Jan 2006, and 2 of my best friends, Louzanne and Carli (who have both come to visit me in JHB) stay there. It's going to be awesome...

Not sure what I'll be doing this weekend, but sure I'll find something... hope you have a good one!
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