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31 Days of Thanks: Day 1 {Electricity}

Posted Nov 02 2012 10:54am

Each day for the month of November, I will be writing about something I am thankful for, in no particular order.

DAY 1 – Electricity

New Jersey got slammed by Hurricane Sandy this past Monday and left many families without homes and/or power. We actually were in Virginia the days before and when the storm hit. We were originally supposed to return home to New Jersey Sunday evening but made the decision to remain with my brother in law and sister in law in Virginia based solely on electricity (not that we don’t love them to the end of the world and back).

Based on Facebook communication, I was able to find out if my house and neighborhood regained electricity the following day after the storm hit. The majority of my friends and family were and still are without power but for this storm we were fortunate to regain power in less than 24 hours.

Why are we so dependent on electricity to the point where our entire world collapses when we don’t have it. Everything becomes more difficult without electricity and we realize how much we take it for granted when we don’t have it.

It brings back memories of Hurricane Irene . Normally I would just stock up on batteries, candles, and put on warm layers, but with Cystic Fibrosis – I want power!!!!!!

I suppose electricity is still a luxury even when it comes to this disease but it is something that makes life a million times easier as a caregiver.

Refrigerated medications and antibiotics – easier with electricity.

Nebulizers – we do have a battery operated Nebulizer but it takes much longer to Nebulizer medications. If we had no power we would just use the power inverter in the car like we did in Hurricane Irene and when we camped in Lake George.

Airway Clearance/CPT/vest – Prior to camping in Lake George , our power inverter was not strong enough to power the Vest and prior to the airway clearance vest we performed manual CPT. We still do manual CPT when Nathan’s doctor orders it but the Vest makes life just a little bit easier as a caregiver. At least we can now power the Nebulizer and vest in the car with our more powerful inverter .

CFer’s are strong individuals and don’t know differently, but it does break my heart to see a fellow CF mom post photos of her in the car with her son staying warm in footy jams, running the neuroses off the car’s battery and doing manual CPT in cramped space. I know, because we’ve been there before and I am sure we will be there again. Worst part, I can’t even share my electricity with them because of the risk of our children contaminating each other.

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