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31 Days of Thanks – Day 6 {Grandparents}

Posted Nov 07 2012 7:42am

Grandparents rock! I don’t think I appreciated the role grandparents would play in our lives (my husband and myself – and our children) at first. When we brought Nathan into our family we gave our parents new roles in our lives, a promotion of some sorts. {smile}

Becoming a mom and dad for the first time, we wanted to call all the shots, make all the decisions. But after we realized how much nicer life is with the help of loving grandparents, we were a happier family.

So we are thankful to have Jay’s parents and my dad in our lives. I know if my mom were still living she would fit right into this category as well.

Grandma Eileen – She has the patience of a Saint. Honestly the only person I know with enough patience to deal with Nathan at meal times. And she is always optimistic, definitely bringing balance to my cynicism. most importantly, our kids love grandma and her energy, energy despite working as a full time psychiatric nurse. I am sure she sleeps like a rock after spending time with them. I love the way our kids anticipate her little surprises and treats.

Grandpa Bill – He is Mr. Fix-It Extraordinaire, lover of gadgets, flashlights, tools, and elaborate displays of toy trains. What child wouldn’t love him when every problem can be solved with a Boy Scout pocket knife? We are thankful for morning visits from Grandpa Bill carrying a paper bag full of everything “birthday bagels” and patiently lighting the candles and repeatedly singing happy birthday on our unbirthdays. What I am thankful for is my father in law’s willingness to watch the kids while I photograph clients even on short notice and his willingness to entertain my crazy crafthole ideas, usually involving wood and his tools.

Grandpa Frank - Sometimes I think this is who Nathan gets his energy from. I am fortunate to have a dad who is a child at heart and is always willing to end his work day helping out by playing with our kids. I love that he makes and shares virgin piña coladas with Teagan – she is hooked! Grandpa Frank can be found jumping in our bounce house with the kids, and sometimes getting reprimanded for his crazy ideas like putting a sprinkler in the middle of the bounce house, I still laugh at this incident. I am thankful for my dad, for keeping me company on lonely days, and for bringing his playful energy when I am exhausted.

Like I said, grandparents are awesome. They treat their grandchildren as their own, with nothing but love and concern for their future. I am so fortunate to have a great relationship with all the grandparents in our lives, especially because I know not everyone has this type of relationship.

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