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3 sleeps til my 2year lungaversary and WORK WORK WORK...

Posted Jan 19 2010 10:03am
Just 3 more sleeps! I might seriously be more excited about my lung-birthday than my age-birthday... is than normal? Planning on having supper with my dad and Chris on Friday evening, and on Sat Chris and I'll be having lunch with Paul, Jenny and Aviva (my Dr, his wife and my physio frm hospital, am good friends with all of them!), and one of my great school-friends, Carli, is in JHB at the moment, so will DEFINITELY be seeing her over the weekend. So needless to say very excited!!!

However before any of that is going to happen, I have to survive the rest of the week at work... I've been working close to 11-hour days this past 2 days without really taking lunch (just eating at my desk), and tomorrow might be the worst... But Thursday and Friday should be better, I hope! Damn being sick last week!

The new season of Greys started last night, hope I'm not spoiling this for you, but the US has seen this quite a while ago, although the Aussies haven't seen it yet... anyway, George dies and donates his lungs to a CF guy age 22. I thought that was really cool. Hope lots of people saw that!!!! Strange though how EVERYONE watches Greys or some other medical drama series, and I still get questions like: "wow, I didn't know they DO lung transplants". And this from the same people who WATCH these shows... Do they just think it's made up??? Boggles my mind. Oh well...

Enjoy the rest of your week, and if you can, have a drink on my 2-year old LUNGIES!!!
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