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11th Hour...Again

Posted May 09 2013 9:25pm
It's very surreal to be here again.  So many things are the same.  We're just two doors down from the room we lived in for three months while waiting for a transplant just over five years ago, so our view out the window is nearly identical.  So many of the staff are the same, hospital food is still iffy, Tricia is experiencing many of the same things she experienced then.

Breathing has slowly been getting more difficult for Tricia since being placed on the vent.  The first few days were a relief from the BiPAP, but the past few days have been difficult for her.  Sleep has come in short spurts.  She began experiencing some chest pain today, haven't heard back about the x-ray yet.  We were both reminded of the collapsed lung she experience the day before her first transplant.  I'm really not sure how much more she is willing to tolerate before she asks for medication that will put her status on the list in jeopardy.  But, the team continues to tell us that she is at the top of the list and to expect lungs at any moment.

Thank you for your continued prayer.

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