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Prenatal Doctor Visits by Cynthia Z. Posted in: Blog Posts in Parenting Regular visits with your doctor or midwife will help keep you and your baby healthy. Doctor Visits During pregnancy visiting your doctor regularly is very important. ... Read on »
Yoga class by Cynthia Z. 3 Comments Posted in: General Discussion in Ultimate frisbee Going to a yoga class is always more helpful to me than trying to do yoga on my own. I took a few yoga classes and thought I would be able to continue doing yoga every mornin ... Read on »
Pitching and batting by Cynthia Z. 2 Comments Posted in: General Discussion in Baseball/Softball I was watching baseball the other night and noticed that pitchers often bat with the opposite hand they pitch with. Why is that? Read on »
To workout or not to workout? by Cynthia Z. 1 Comment Posted in: Questions & Answers in Exercise For the past few years, I have had trouble with my lower back. I was thinking walking and exercise will help strengthen my back muscles, in turn, preventing further injury do ... Read on »
Dance through history by Cynthia Z. 2 Comments Posted in: Blog Posts in Dance Ballroom dancing has been around for years and I have always enjoyed watching the competitions on television, so now I would like to try ballroom dancing. It's always nerve-r ... Read on »