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Cyclin' Missy

Grand Rapids, Michigan
I'm an avid cyclist and runner in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've always enjoyed being active, but I believe that these middle years of my life are an opportunity to become stronger and smarter about my fitness than I've ever been before.  I'm also going through a try-new-things phase in my... Full Bio
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2013 Year in Review

It feels like 2013 has been my most out-of-shape year ever, but in reality it wasn't a total bust.  It also feels like I'm finally on an activity...

Hiking Cowles Peak in San Diego

The hubby and I took a short vacation to San Diego this past week, and I thoroughly enjoyed a hike with our friend Megan up to Cowles...

Less than 2 days left to fund DIVISION!

I'm so excited for my friend, Cat, as she nears the end of the KickStarter campaign for her film, Division! Less than 2 days to go and she's so...

The Moving Media Room

  The hubby and I finally completed a project that we've been talking about for months now.  We turned one of our bedrooms into a moving...

Bike Bridge over Division

The new bridge over Division and a gorgeous fall day! A nice new bridge has been built on the Southbelt trail where it crosses...

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Jun 18 2012 by Cyclin' Missy
The trail half went great!  Got some fun runs coming up this summer... Color Run, Grand Rapids Mud Run, Warrior Dash.  The hubby and I also did a nude 5k scandalous!  LOL
Jun 16 2012 by zonba78
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Jan 17 2012 by Cyclin' Missy
The 2012 race registrations are beginning for me!  The Warrior Dash is coming to Grand Rapids in September this year, so the hubby and I are signed up for that.  So much fun!  And I decided today to take the plunge on that trail half marathon I've been wanting to do.  So I registered for the Trail Marathon weekend half in Pinckney, MI in April.  I'm excited!  I'll have to move into mountain biking after that April race...I'll need a break from running! ;)