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A big hello from the kitchen!  I'm a recipe developer and food coach who loves to find new-to-me ingredients and new ways to use "old" ones.  (Some people are obsessed with shoe shopping, I'm obsessed with culinary shopping--Zingerman's is a dangerous place for my bank... Full Bio
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If Hawaiians Made Patty Cakes…

Taro Cakes If you’ve been to Hawaii and had poi, you’ve had taro root — to make poi, the roots are peeled, boiled, and then mashed the...

Frittatas with Flair

Bacon, Apple & Sage Frittata If you’ve been to Spain, you’ve likely had a frittata or two. They’re the ultimate fast food to stuff in...

Hot Baked Pasta for Chilly Nights

Buckwheat Pasta with Sausage Stew & Feta With the nights turning unexpectedly chilly, something warm seems to be in order. Enter baked...

The Luck & Food of the Irish

Wednesday, March 11th from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Birmingham Community House ‘Tis the time of year to celebrate all things Irish! During this...

Tastes of Morocco

Wednesday, February 11th from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Birmingham Community House Take a culinary trip to Morocco to sample the best of North...

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Wheat is great, but what about all the other grains?  Gluten-free grains can be delicious for everyone.  Check out a millet-based dip:
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Rapini or rabe, it's delicious and easy to use...and too often overlooked!  Check out some recipes at


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