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Brooklyn, New York
I am a pharmacist and Crohns disease patient. I would like to share my knowledge to help other Crohns and colitis patients. 
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Dec 28 2010 by CrohnsGuide

Hello..I am not really sure if cooked wild meat is more dangerous than regular meat in terms of parasites. But if you wish to find out if you have the parasites I could send you a stool test kit that is done at home and send in the mail to the lab. You and I will get the results and I'll interpret them to you. Best, Inna

You can contact me for the kit here:



Dec 28 2010 by Sheryl K.
Hello...I have Crohns and am trying to keep it under control. I do well when I really watch what I eat. My question is this ...what about eating totally wild husband and his family eat all kinds of wild game...noteably wild deer and boar.  I am afrain of getting a parasite or some other ova from eating this me please...thanks sopie