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Where’s the Nearest Bathroom?

Posted Jul 29 2013 9:00am

There is a commercial for Humira that gets some flack in the IBD community. People say it only portrays one part of IBD, and isn’t educating people about the severity of the disease and yadda yadda yadda. While I get their complaints, this commercial is targeted at people who have Crohn’s and are already aware of the severity. I fell in love upon first seeing it because I’ve been there.

You can watch the commercial here . Basically, it shows a woman walking around in circles, keenly aware of the bathroom. “No matter where you go, no matter what you do, when you’re living with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease, there are times where it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms.” the voiceover says. I don’t even take Humira, but I remember seeing the commercial for the first time and thinking, Yes. Exactly.


Always aware of where these are located.

For the last eight years, I’ve always noted the location of the bathroom as soon as I arrive in a new location. When you’re in a flare, sometimes you need a bathroom and you need it fast.

That’s why what happened this Saturday on my run was so remarkable for me.

I was running along the Lakefront Path with my Team Challenge buddies, Ann and Kim. We decided to check out a new route that Ann found recently, and it was beautiful. Right along Lake Michigan, away from the marathon-training crowds and bikes, full of fishermen and skyline views.

I know, I know, Mom. "Stand up straight!" But aren't the skyline views pretty?

I know, I know, Mom. “Stand up straight!” But aren’t the skyline views pretty?

It wasn’t until Ann said, “Oh my gosh, Lauren! I didn’t think about how far away from the bathrooms we are. Are you okay?” that I even realized that I had no idea where they were — and I didn’t care.

I know it sounds small, but when your life has revolved around bathrooms for nearly a decade, this is huge. It made me realize just how lucky I am to have found a great doctor, the right balance of medications, and be in remission… finally. It’s a far cry from where I was at this time last year , that’s for sure.

When you live with chronic illness, it’s easy to be constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. While I’m pretty positive and tend to look on the bright side, I’m still usually aware that remission doesn’t last forever. Completely forgetting about Crohn’s while out for a run?

This is huge, you guys.

Have you ever surprised yourself in a good way?

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