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The Bangkok Connection.

Posted Jun 21 2013 4:36pm

 Bangkok 1988. Where is this?

Sometimes stories (Books and films etc) start before the protagonist has realised.

It's only when they get to the end of their story that the meaning of forgotten moments becomes retrospectively clear, or revealed as random.

In this case the story has not ended; the denouement has not yet been reached.

But perhaps this post can start the process.

The image above is of me in in Bangkok in 1988. I'm holding a map, and Clare and I are on a trip. We are going to get married secretly in Hong Kong.

Clare takes the picture. It looks as if I might be conscious of that.

Many years later I post this picture on this blog :

Now here's the odd thing.

This picture has been repeatedly downloaded. Yet why? What does this picture show that I cannot see?

If you happen to choose this picture to down load (and I'm more than happy for you to have it- with compliments). I'm not bothered about ownership or anyhting like that. I just wonder why.

Should you choose to download this picture could you please leave a note saying. . .

Why?. . . . I really would love to know. I'm sure there is a story lurking here.

With kindness and love


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