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Thankful Things Thursday: I Hope This Cheers Me Up Edition

Posted Oct 20 2011 2:10pm

Yesterday, I took my very first colitis-related sick day from my current job.

In some ways, this is a win. I’ve been at this job for more than a year, and while I don’t have a record of the sick days I took at my last job, I can tell you that almost every one was in some way related to my colitis, and I took far more than one a year. So the fact that I’m still averaging less than one a year now is good. Really good.

But in other ways, like the constant trips to the bathroom and lack of desire to move out of my bed yesterday? Not such a good thing. I feel a little better today, but I still don’t feel like I’d like to feel. Let’s hope that happens soon. And if nothing else, Thankful Things Thursday is here to put me in a good mood, right?

So let’s be thankful, shall we?

I’m thankful for Melinda, Terry, and Daniel, who won the Super Rad CCFA Raffle. Don’t worry, I already told them they won. Thanks to all of you who donated and tried to win, and thanks again to Brooks , Everyday Endurance , Allied Medal Displays , Go Sport ID , Balancing Act Clothing , and Active Bands for your contributions. If you didn’t donate, but now you’d really like to help me reach my (new) goal of raising $7500 for CCFA, you can still donate here . (You are also more than welcome to share that link with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, dog walkers, babysitters… you get the idea.)

I’m thankful for my mom. When Mom found out that I hadn’t eaten anything yesterday and Goose was working late, she showed up at my house with a tummy-friendly dinner: plain noodles and a chicken breast. She really is the best mom a girl could ever ask for.

Oh, look. It's my mom and me. We're so cute. This is not a recent picture. But who needs recent when you have hats like these?

I’m thankful that girls’ weekend has arrived and I have understanding friends. Tonight, Regina is having a sleepover at my house so we are ready to leave bright and early. Tomorrow, we hit the road for a girls weekend in rural Iowa! I get to spend time with two of my favorite ladies. When I let them know that I was feeling less than stellar, they were not phased at the thought of a lazy weekend. Dare I say we’ve gotten old enough that we actually prefer the idea of a lazy weekend? Could it be so? At any rate, I can’t wait to see them and have a lovefest of giggling and chatting. It’s been too long.

This is Finn. I get to see him this weekend too. He's almost three now, but look what a little peanut he was!

I’m thankful for Goose. Thanks to my feeling less than stellar, the house is really in no condition for someone to sleep over. Regina says she understands. I say, you are not sleeping in that mess. So this afternoon, Goose is tidying things up a bit to make them more presentable for when Regina comes over tonight. He is nice. I am lucky.

I’m thankful for bobbypins. No, seriously. I am. The whole growing out a pixie cut thing means that the hair in the very front is a good two inches shorter than everything else. It’s finally long enough where it looks more “I’m growing out my bangs” than “Check out my mullet,” so that’s good. Still, bobbypins are my saving grace when it comes to dealing with those annoying pieces in the front.

I’m thankful for Pandora. My station is doing a particularly good job of rockin’ to the kind of tunes I love right now. Why , thank you, Pandora, for not making me click the thumbs down button a bunch today. The best part is that I don’t have commercials on my Pandora anymore! My inlaws got me a subscription for my birthday last year, and it’s amazing. I really hope I get one this year too. (Hint, hint to my family if you’re reading this!)

Yes, I will rock out to Rent, thank you.

I’m thankful for comfy pants. I’ll be spending a solid 6 hours in the car this weekend… twice. You better believe I’ll be sporting the comfiest sweats I own. There’s also a large chance I won’t change out of them all weekend. What? I went to college with these girls. It’s fine. Trust me.

I’m thankful for fuzzy slippers, especially ones that look like moccasins. I just got some new ones from Target, and I’m in love. They keep my toes warm and make my feet happy.

Okay. Your turn. Tell me what you’re thankful for on this dreary Thursday. Ready, set, go.


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