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Thankful Things Thursday: Bloggers with IBD Edition

Posted Apr 12 2012 2:37pm

This is a very special weekend for me. As we speak, ladies from different parts of the country are headed to Chicago for Girls with Guts weekend. I haven’t met some of them before, but we all have one thing in common: IBD. The ladies in attendance this weekend are all activists in one way or another. I can’t believe that I’m a part of such a wonderful community now, and I can’t wait to brainstorm and share ideas with them.

In honor of this weekend, I’m doing Thankful Things Thursday with a twist and introducing you to some amazing bloggers with IBD. (Not all of them are partaking in the weekend, but all are absolutely wonderful.) Add them to your must-read list. Now.

I’m thankful for Jackie at  Blood, Poop, & Tears . Jackie’s blog is an open, honest account of her life with ulcerative colitis and a J-pouch. I love her because she shares my love of ’90s pop, but I also love her for how real she is. There’s no sugar-coating it over at her page.

This is Jackie. Hi, Jackie!

I’m thankful for Sara at  Inflamed & Untamed . Sara has opened my eyes to making your steroid-puff face look pretty. She’s full of makeup tips for those days when your IBD has you feeling just plain yucky. Like Jackie, she’s also open and real about her disease. She even has weekly Vlogs so you can hear her voice! Woohoo!

I’m thankful for Charis at Full Frontal Ostomy . Charis has taught me everything I know about ostomies. I’ll admit, I knew next to nothing when I started reading her blog. I love the support she provides to her readers. It’s everything from what to wear so your pouch doesn’t show to emotional support and more. She’s also fierce and strong and makes me feel like a total wimp. Charis is a rockstar.

I’m thankful for Andrea & Megan at The Great Bowel Movement . Okay, technically this one isn’t a blog, but it’s the movement behind my favorite t-shirt! These girls are an inspiration to me. They helped me learn, seven years after diagnosis, how to be open about my ulcerative colitis. Thanks to them, I have had countless conversations, helped educate others, and become much, much more comfortable in my own skin.

Andrea & Megan, co-founders of The Great Bowel Movement

I’m thankful for Ali at Ali on the Run . I’ve professed my love for Ali many times. One of the first blogs I found by someone with IBD, Ali is “kicking Crohn’s in the butt” on a daily basis, smiling the entire time. I love Ali for her positive outlook on life. Even when she’s feeling, as she puts it, “Crohnsy,” Ali always finds something to smile about. I got Thankful Things Thursdays from her, and she’s managed to spread her happiness on over to me.

Ali and me in Vegas at the Team Challenge VIP Reception

I’m thankful for Kace at Then Change It . Kace is another one of the first few blogs I found. She’s rockin’ it with no colon, and I cried through her entire series about her disease and subsequent surgery. Kace was the first blog I found that made me feel less alone, and I’ll be forever grateful.

I’m thankful for Teresa Nelson . Teresa is not only a blogger, but a triathlon coach who lives with IBD. When I made my tough decision to stop training for Steelhead 70.3 last year, Teresa was there with kind words, comfort, and support. She made me feel tremendously better about my decision and is one awesome, tough woman.

Share with me. What are your favorite blogs?

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