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Newly Diagnosed.

Posted by Heather A. Facebook

So I've been battling with these digestive issues since March, when I was diagnosed after a CT Scan with Diverticulitis.  Heavy antibiotics quickly got that under control.  Did a follow-up colonoscopy to confirm the original diagnosis and make sure the problem had been handled and healed-which it was confirmed and it had healed nicely.  Shortly after the colonoscopy I started having blood in my stool - I put it off for awhile thinking it was a side effect of everything my body had been through during the month of recovery-until it progressed into urgency to go to the bathroom often! With only blood and blood clots with very little or no stool at all....went back to the gastroenterologist who thought I may have a fissure! Ha.  Treated me for that and scheduled a 2 week follow-up appt. At that follow-up appt I let him know very clearly-that it was NOT a fissure, and that I was bleeding at every trip to the toilet-filling the toilet bowl with blood and lots of abdominal pain-LOTS! This appt was on a Friday; he scheduled me for a sigmond for the following Tuesday-needless to say I did not make it through the weekend, and ended up hospitalized for 4 days.  The ER did another CTScan to determine my whole colon was horribly inflamed.  My doctors did another Colonoscopy to biopsy and diagnose me with severe ulcerative colitis :( -I had lost almost 15lbs within 2 weeks.....Now I'm on a big dose of Asacol and Prednisone, with other scripts for pain and diarrhea.  

I will have been out of the hospital for 2 weeks as of tomorrow, I have had a few bleeding episodes-notfilling the toilet bowl with blood, but signs of blood, a little abdominal pain, but manageable.  I know I need to give myself more time to deal with this and understand it, but it's all so scary to me, to think I have a 'chronic' disease.  And what the future of the disease can hold for me.  I have been looking for a local support group, so I can talk to others with this problem and gain some perspective, but I haven't had any luck so far.  So here I am-hoping to connect with people in the same boat to inform myself on what the future holds for me and UC.  Does anyone have any advice as to what has helped them accept and deal with this life changing diagnosis of UC?? 

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My suggestion is to start reading some Kris Carr...the Crazy Sexy Life Diet...and learning about anti-inflammatory foods/probiotics. Try to reduce stress by doing things that make you feel good...learn about meditation and yoga...and go easy on yourself. You don't have to think of yourself as someone with a chronic disease...just as a person with a challenge ahead of them who will rise to it. 

 Love and Light,


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